Small Multipack     

Includes 5 small.

5 medium double wall storage boxes. 

1 roll of tape and 5 metre of bubble wrap.



1-2 Bedroom Multipack  

Includes 5 small.

7 medium, and 3 large double wall storage boxes.

2 rolls of tape, 20 sheets of tissue papers and 5metre of bubble wrap.



3-4 Bedroom Multipack

Includes 8 small.

10 medium, and 3 large double wall storage boxes.

2 rolls of tape, 10 metre bubble wrap, 20 sheets of tissue papers, and 2 cubic foot of polystyrene fill “Peanuts”.



Manual Handling Techniques for Lifting

1. Before lifting an item, think: Can you use a manual handling aid instead? Where is the load being moved to? Are there any obstructions that may get in the way?

2. Adopt a stable position with feet apart and one leg slightly forward to maintain stability. Make sure that you are wearing suitable footwear.

3. Get a good hold on the load and hug it close to your body where possible. At the start of the lift, bending at the back, knees, and hips is preferable to fully bending the back or squatting.

4. When carrying, keep the load close to your waist for as long as possible. Put the heaviest side of the load closest to your body. Keep your head up and look ahead, not down at the load, and avoid twisting or leaning sideways.

5. If you need to, put the load down and adjust your grip before continuing the lift.

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